Friends of Rocheport

P.O. Box  122, Rocheport, MO  65279

Friends of Rocheport Society

Rocheport is a small town with a very rich history located in the middle of Missouri.  Rocheport's history has included being a site on the Lewis and Clark Expedition and hosting a Whig Party gathering in Rocheport in the 1840's   It was a thriving shipping port at one point in time and was located on the MKT railroad.  It was the home of the only tunnel on the MKT railroad and that tunnel was featured in a Stephen King movie.  There are many historic buildings remaining in town. 

In 1967, a group of residents and friends of the community formed the Friends of Rocheport Society to gather and preserve materials and artifacts related to the history of Rocheport and exhibit those items to help educate the public about this history.  Today the Friends continue to raise funds to help in the maintenance and preservation of buildings in the community and provide information regarding the history of Rocheport.  These activities cannot be performed without the support of those who love Rocheport and all that it has to offer.  To see how you can assist the Friends of Rocheport in maintaining the historic charm of Rocheport, visit the Volunteer, Support and Donate page on this site.

Board Members

Everett Stokes         President                (2018-21)

Mary Hall                 Sec/Treas               (2016-19)  

Lois Connor            Member                   (2018-21)

Steve Baumgartner Member                  (2018-19)     

Jerry Southerland   Member                  (2018-21)   

Bill Clark                  Member                  (2017-20)  

Gene Baumann       Member                  (2017-20)